About hydrogen

In Usti region

Why hydrogen in the Usti region?



The Usti region represents an energetic and chemical heart of Czechia. Local entrepreneurs have long-term experience from the fields of chemistry and energy. The region is about to enter an energy transition phase and, in consequence, face a number of unprecedented challenges. At the same time, as a traditional coal region, it offers a variety of opportunities for the hydrogen economy development in Czechia.

The Usti region also happens to be the first Czech region on the map of European Hydrogen Valleys as well as the first Czech region which developed its own regional hydrogen strategy. The strategy represents a key document which sets specific goals for fulfilling the potential that the region has with respect to the hydrogen economy development. Especially in the context of current environmental and geopolitical circumstances it also embodies one of the most significant regional strategic documents.



Green hydrogen production in the Usti region

In FOR H2ENERGY s.r.o. we aim at the zero-emission hydrogen production through a process called water electrolysis. Nowadays, due to the technical parameters and high efficiency, the most suitable option for the green hydrogen production from renewable energy sources is PEM electrolysis. In comparison to alkaline electrolyzers, PEM electrolyzers have higher efficiency, turn on quickly and react to fluctuating levels of electrical current in a more dynamic way. Therefore, it presents a meaningful investment for the purposes of renewable energy storage.


Construction of small hydrogen refueling stations in the Usti region with a potential connection to Prague 

We concentrate on the development of the interregional hydrogen economy and infrastructure, stable renewable energy supply in and outside of the Usti region and decarbonization of the local energy, mobility, industry, and buildings. Due to the convenient geographical location of the Usti region, we establish international partnerships (Saxony). Through our activities, we intend to help with new jobs creation for former workers from the mining industry. 


Support of R&D in the area of hydrogen technologies 

We plan to build an R&D center in the Strategic Industrial Zone Triangle in the proximity of Žatec (the only strategic industrial zone in the Usti region). We aspire to actively support and contribute to the development of R&D and educational projects in the field of innovative hydrogen technologies in Czechia.