is not a dream

We put visions into practice!

We deploy innovative zero-emission technologies for the secure and sustainable future.

We work on significant hydrogen projects. We know how to produce, store and distribute hydrogen, build small hydrogen refueling stations, develop hydrogen technologies and, importantly, manage and realize strategic projects focused on 

the local hydrogen economy construction. One of such projects is, for instance, strategic project H2 Triangle in the Strategic Industrial Zone Triangle in the proximity of Žatec, a city in the Usti region, Czechia.

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Our vision

Our vision

We move forward. We put visions into practice!

We believe in the integration of renewable energy sources. We specialize in the newest technologies for energy storage. We know that hydrogen is about to become a fuel of the present very soon. We can produce hydrogen and effectively use it as an energy vector. We participate in the development of hydrogen strategic projects in Czechia. We are providing solutions for complex hydrogen projects with a great potential and future. We realize something that others just keep talking about.



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Our team is looking for new members. Effort, diligence, excitement, teamwork, active approach, and collaboration for the sake of the achievement of our common goals are greatly appreciated personality traits among us. If you share these values with us and you are willing to join us with your skillset and experience, let us know.

About hydrogen

About hydrogen

in Usti region

Meet the potential of the Usti region. We are talking about a region frequently labelled as an energetic and chemical heart of Czechia, which is about to enter an energy transition phase and, in consequence, face a number of unprecedented challenges. At the same time, as a traditional coal region, it offers a variety of opportunities for the hydrogen economy development in Czechia, such as utilization of local reclaimed lands originally used for brown coal mining. Usti region also happens to be the first Czech region on the map of European Hydrogen Valleys as well as the first Czech region which developed its own regional hydrogen strategy.