Looking back at the conference "H2 Forum 2022 – An opportunity for transformation&

We attended the two-day international konference "H2Forum 2022 – An Opportunity for Transformatio" which focused on the potential for hydrogen to transform coal regions.

The conference held a dicussion with a number of Czech and foreign experts in the field of development of the hydrogen economy. We consider hydrogen to be one of the major transformation opportunities for coal regions and at the same time one of the ways to strengthen the energy and raw material security of the whole Europe. The urgency of this issue in the context of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has understandably increased. 

The conference was attended by representatives of Usti Region, Moravian-Silesian Region, Karlovy Vary Region. Among other things, the conference provided the impetus for accelerating negotiations and removing possible barriers to the development of the hydrogen economy.

  • Recognition of PPA-based renewable elektricity contracts as a possible source for green hydrogen production
  • Approval of such hydrogen categorisation, which accepts a combination of sources to produce green (emission-free) hydrogen (incl. Recognition of renewable hydrogen produciton from biomass)
  • Support of renewable resources projects
  • Establishing transnational cooperation in the development of hydrogen pipeline infrastructure (e.g. with Germany)


We need to react swiftly because of the war in Ukraine, the energy crisis, inflation and Green Deal commitments.