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FOR H2ENERGY s.r.o. is a Czech investment company founded in 2020, whose chief objective is to contribute to the development of the most promising technological solutions for mitigation of negative climate change effects on environment, landscape and economy.

Presently, the company focuses predominantly on the innovative technologies whose aim is to produce, store, distribute and eventually utilize green hydrogen in mobility, energy sector and various hard-to-abate industries. Whilst taking into account the whole value chain in the hydrogen sector, an inseparable part of the named solutions is renewable electricity generation for the electrolytic production of green hydrogen.

Therefore, the company also directs its attention and activities towards the construction of various photovoltaic power plant types i.e. ground-based or floating, and wind parks, which form a necessary basis for the whole value chain.

FOR H2ENERGY s.r.o. is based in the Ústí nad Labem region of North Bohemia, which has been known for being an enormously environmentally polluted region due to the local industrial and mining activities. The region also has socio-economic problems stemming from high-unemployment rates. The region’s starting position towards becoming an innovative hub is not favorable. However, for our company this fact represents challenges as well as opportunities and incentives to create partnerships with like-minded companies and institutions and capitalize on the enormous potential represented by the hydrogen economy development in the region, Czechia and the EU.

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